The Soccer Box

Seasonal 4 vs 4 Leagues

Fall 2022 September 24th - November 12th
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Our Seasonal 4v4 Leagues are a great option this year for your soccer player! With the help of our walled fields, your players will receive more than 10 times the number of touches in comparison to a full sized outdoor field. More touches means more fun and greater development.


Seasonal leagues at The Soccer Box are meant for recreational players looking for a fun, place to play and develop soccer skills.


Enter a team of friends or sign up as an individual and be placed on a team with a trained Soccer Box Coach.


How It Works:

Individual registrations: You select your preferred training session. The coaches will create balanced teams from the players in that session. You will practice 1 x per week with a game on the weekend. For an additional fee at check out you can practice 2 x per week

Team registrations: You register your team. Select whether you want to work with one of our coaches (internal team) or you already have a coach and field (external team). Once registration is locked you will be provided the league schedule.


  • Games are every Saturday September 24th - November 12th
    Internal teams begin practice the week of September 12th.


  • All practices and games are held at The Soccer Box 2211 Sabine st.

Current Members (currently paying for a monthly membership)

  • Normal Registration $90
  • Late Registration $130

Non Members - Individual Registration

Early Bird Registration (prior to Aug 1st) = $200

Normal Registration (Aug 1st - Aug 31st) = $250

Late Registration (Sept 1st - Sept 17) = $350

Internal Team Registration

Early Registration Fee (before August 1st) = $900

Normal Registration (Aug 1st - Aug 31st) = $1000

Late Registration Fee (after September 1st) = $1100


  • Bring an entire team, play with your friends, and save big!

  • A team can be internal (coached by one of our coaches at our facility) or external (we provide games only)
  • For boys and girls U8-U14

  • Team registrations are allowed to submit scheduling requests and coach conflicts.

  • Roster size limited to 8 players but we recommend 6 players per team.

  • Click the appropriate age group above to register as an internal team.