The Soccer Box

The Heights Soccer Box

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with young players in mind. Our 2 fields are designed for specific age ranges to maximize skill development. The smaller, red field is designed for players u11 and below. The larger green field is designed for players u12 and above. The fields are small for a simple reason. The lack of room prevents the players from kicking the ball past their opponent and chasing after it. They must use skill and creativity to beat the opponent and get off a quality shot.

Kicking the ball and chasing it is a hallmark of American youth soccer, we can see this all over Houston every weekend. This tendency does not exist in other parts of the world. Very few young soccer players around the world have nice, big, grassy fields to play on. Most play in the streets or in tiny walled areas. The players who train and The Soccer Box will lose the kick and run tactic and will instead develop into players who use guile and deception to trick opponents and dribble past them. Deceptive dribbling is a better way to play and more useful at the older and higher skill levels.

Box Soccer Courts

Our 6 box soccer courts are designed to improve shooting. In a normal outdoor practice, a player may get 30-40 quality shooting opportunities, but only in practices that work on shooting. Our players spend 15-20 minutes in the boxes going 1v1 in a shooting game we created. Players are only allowed 1 touch shot and get a point if their ball hits all 4 walls before the opponent can return the shot. This creates intensely competitive 3-minute rounds. We estimate that our players get 250-400 shots during the Box Soccer sessions. In a very short time, players that train in our environment improve their shooting dramatically.

More touches = More development.